China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE)

CATE: Industry News     TIME: 2021-09-06

As a large-scale and influential comprehensive exhibition of optoelectronic industry, the 23rd China International Optoelectronic Expo will be held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 16 to 18, 2021. The six exhibitions in the same period will cover information and communication, laser, infrared, ultraviolet, precision optics, lens and module, sensing and other sections, and display cutting-edge optoelectronic innovative technologies and comprehensive solutions for optoelectronic and application fields, Grasp the latest trends of the industry, gain insight into the market development trend, help enterprises conduct business negotiations with the upstream and downstream of the photoelectric industry and reach business cooperation.
The 23rd China International Optoelectronics Expo (CIOE 2021)
September 1-3, 2021 (Wednesday - Friday)
Venue: Guangdong Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 1, Zhancheng Road, Fuhai street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong)

Precision optics Exhibition & lens and camera module Exhibition
Optical materials, optical elements, optical imaging measurement and optical instruments, optical coating technology and equipment, optical lens and camera module, optical processing equipment, machine vision system and application, sapphire touch screen manufacturing, AR & VR
Information and Communication Exhibition
Optical communication chips and materials, optical communication devices and modules, optical fiber cables / optical fiber sensing systems, optical test instruments, optical communication system equipment, production system equipment, radio and television communication equipment, cloud data center, wireless communication, operation and services
Infrared technology and Application Exhibition
Infrared materials and devices, infrared equipment and applications, terahertz monitoring and imaging, ultraviolet technology and applications, millimeter wave technology and applications
Intelligent sensing Exhibition
Lidar, 3D vision, industrial sensors and measurement, optical fiber sensors, millimeter wave radar, Internet of things
Laser technology and Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition
Laser materials, laser components and devices, lasers, laser equipment, laser special applications, laser display and projection, high-end intelligent equipment, industrial robots, 3D printing / additive manufacturing
Optoelectronic Innovation Exhibition
Biomedical optoelectronics, information Optoelectronics Technology, optoelectronic new materials, optical technology and applications, intelligent manufacturing robot, AR & VR



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