Optical fiber communication in power system relay protection equipment

CATE: Industry News     TIME: 2023-01-14

Due to the important role of relay protection in the entire power system, optical fiber communication is generally used as the physical transmission channel of the protection signal of the relay protection device. This is mainly because the application of optical fiber communication technology in relay protection has the main advantages of large amount of information transmission, strong anti-interference, and high transmission quality, as follows:

1. Large amount of information transmission

For long-distance communication transmission, the main technology used is optical fiber communication technology, which benefits from the main advantages of optical fiber communication technology transmission frequency bandwidth and large amount of information transmission. In the power system, the commonly used carrier frequency is generally low, which is far from meeting the growing power demand, while the carrier frequency used by optical fiber is at least one hundred times that of the commonly used carrier frequency. Therefore, the extensive use of optical fiber communication technology in relay protection can meet the higher requirements of relay protection for the growing power demand on the one hand, and play a very high role in the reliability and accuracy of relay protection on the other hand. lifting effect.

2. Strong anti-interference performance

In order to ensure that high-voltage equipment or transportation lines will not generate induced magnetic field interference in optical fiber lines, quartz with good insulating properties is mainly used as the basic material for optical fibers. The application of optical fiber in relay protection can well avoid unnecessary interference, which is a major advantage of optical communication technology. Whether the operation status of the power grid is good or not has little influence on the optical fiber longitudinal protection channel. With the power users' higher and higher stability requirements for the power system and the continuous improvement of the system voltage level, fiber optic communication technology has been widely used due to its many advantages, and has achieved a series of good results after use.

3. High transmission quality

In optical fiber communication technology, its advantages that cannot be ignored are good confidentiality performance, low signal interference, and high-quality optical fiber transmission. The basic requirements of high-voltage power transmission systems for the quickness of relay protection are exactly the characteristics of optical communication technology. Optical communication transmission technology can ensure that the information of the issuing port and the receiving port are consistent, thus ensuring the normal, stable and accurate line transmission.

In short, the reasonable application of optical fiber communication technology can smoothly improve the functionality and safety of relay protection, thereby successfully meeting the basic needs of power companies, completing the protection of related lines, and promoting the safety and stability of power systems.



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